Library of Lessons

The library has lessons submitted by EIRs. Formality ranges from an email conversation about making cheese with grade ones, to formal PowerPoint presentations.

The initial view will show you the most important things about the lesson, including curriculum unit and notes about unusual safety requirements and hard-to-find materials — including models to borrow. The detailed view shows the rest. The top of the screen has filter options. The main view shows common filters down the left.

Several lessons on using the library and contributing to it are grouped under “EIRs and Teachers”.

Watch out for the monthly EIR Newsletter for more information, including Q&A Sessions, Contributor and Peer Review workshops, and Submission Deadlines. They are offered monthly or bimonthly, and also as requested.

Contact [email protected] or [email protected] to contribute, to get additional information, or to register for an upcoming event.

Library Preview

Small bits to give you a taste of the larger library in Spreadsheet and Card view. Search and Filter work. Click on lesson title to open detailed view. They take a moment to open.


Preview: Spreadsheet (Grid) View

Preview: Card (Gallery) View