Scratch Tutorials

We hope that you’ll use the following short tutorials to get more familiar with Scratch as a wonderful tool in your engineering outreach!

The value of Scratch goes well beyond coding (although it’s wonderful for that too).

You will also find relevant & important links below.


Start here —> Why get started with Scratch, and how?


Now that you’re excited about using Scratch and want to find out more, the following tutorials will have you well on your way!


Sprites, backdrops and tutorials

Basic coding instructions

Scratch Resources

Important Links

  1. – This is the main Scratch web site. From here you can join Scratch (create your own account to save your programs), click ‘Create’ to create a new program, or search for programs with a certain topic (e.g. ‘Happy birthday’) by entering text in the Search bar.
  2. – Scratch Coding Tips. This gives you step-by-step tutorials (e.g. Getting Started with Scratch), or ‘How to’ do useful things like Animation, Games and Stories, or a description of all the coding blocks.
  3. Scratch – About (  Here you learn about the history of Scratch and why it was created, meet the inventors, and more.
  4. Scratch – Scratch Community Guidelines ( – Scratch Community Guidelines. These guidelines show how to keep Scratch safe, respectful, educational and fun for all users.