The EIR program encourages volunteer engineers to work closely with educators to develop a program custom-tailored to the school. There is no cookie cutter approach. What EIRs and educators plan depends on their schedules, interests, and personalities as well as the school culture and the interests/needs of the students.

But we don’t expect our volunteers to do it alone. Along with our Program Guide, this section of our website offers a variety of tools and resources to help educators and engineers working to engage students in STEM learning.

Tips and Tricks

Printable Tips and Tricks - great resource for new EIRs getting started, or even those experienced with the program.


There are lots of great activity ideas in the Program Guide, but if you want to expand your search further, here are some great resources we recommend!

  • IEEE - free lesson plans and activities
  • Teach Engineering - lots of great info and free activities
  • DiscoverE - Great, searchable database for hands-on STEM activities, lesson plans, presentations, videos, etc.
  • Tomorrow's Engineers - find free downloadable presentations about engineering!
  • A fun article filled with games and activities to jump start kids imagination and learning.

Program Guide

Comprehensive list of specially designed STEM activities to use during in class visits. Includes activity instructions, timing, material lists, & messaging guidelines.

Curriculum Alignment

Handy planning tool to aid EIRs with curriculum alignment when considering activity ideas.

Engineering Messaging

We recommend using the standard messaging outlined in this Engineering Messaging overview. *

*Adapted from National Academy of Engineering - Changing the Conversation

EIR Program Video

Watch and listen to students that have experienced the EIR program to help you understand the impact that it can have!

NEW Resources

Slides Recordings
2021 - Intro to the EIR program (for Teachers)
2021 - Intro to the EIR program (for Volunteers)
EIR Printable Storyboard
2021 - How to Tell Your Engineering Story
2021 - Diverse and Inclusive Messaging
Diversity and Inclusion Photos
2021 - Virtual Connections

EIR Kick off


Printables & Presentations

EIR Forms

EIR Community Connections

Use one (or all!) of the following ways to connect with fellow EIRs or teachers participating in the program. We encourage you to share ideas/learnings/best practices.

Media Kit

EIR Program logos & branding guidelines.

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