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What is the Engineer-in-Residence Program?

An innovative, volunteer-based program dedicated to inspiring young people in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

The EIR program is offered free of charge to schools across Canada.

 Are you a member of the engineering community (P.eng, EIT, engineering student, working in an engineering related role)? Apply now as a volunteer for an opportunity to make a difference in your community!

Are you an educator looking to enhance the STEM experience in your classroom? Apply now to receive an EIR in your classroom!

Had a great week with our engineer! Lots of problem solving through building and programming. Next week we’re exploring other coding languages.

TDSB junior teacher

Kinder science inquiry: what happens when you combine milk, food colouring and soap? And why? Special thank you to our engineer – deep learning in action!

OCSB primary teacher (virtual school)

Really enjoyed our session today! EIR Program – thank-you for teaching us about all of the critical parts of delivery through inquiry and group discussions.

HCDSB high school teacher

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