Please review the information below before submitting your expense request.

PVSC Reimbursement Policy - due date December 31st

The EIR program will pay for the Police Vulnerable Sector Check for the FIRST year of the EIRs participation in the program.

Material Reimbursement Policy - due date July 31st

The Engineer in Residence program has set aside a small fund to ensure that engineers (and teachers) are not dipping into their own pockets to finance EIR activities. The EIR program will help to cover the cost of items a school would NOT normally cover (eg. popsicle sticks, paper clips, pipe cleaners, or other materials for activities). As EIR activities are curriculum-linked, it is expected that schools will provide some materials and equipment (eg. glue, scissors, etc.). The EIR program offers each EIR up to $300 per academic year.

The policies governing material reimbursement are as follows:

  1. Only EIRs may submit for reimbursment.
  2. Acceptable reimbursment includes materials (eg. dry ice, motors, popsicle sticks, etc.). Examples of items that would NOT be included: travel costs, meal costs.
  3. Forms must be submitted by EIRs only, and receipts attached.

EIR reimbursement forms must be submitted by July 31st of the program year.