I'm just one person, what can I do?

First of all - we’re so excited you align with our vision and want to get involved! There are loads of ways you can start  Here are a few ideas:


Help!  I'm doing some Engineering outreach and I don't know what activity to do...

We have access to a huge catalogue of tried-and-tested, hands-on, interactive activities we can share with you - but generally our advice is… stop worrying about finding the ‘perfect’ activity! Consider the experience you are creating for you audience and how you can connect with them by telling your "Engineering story". Long after someone has forgotten a particular fact or figure they’ll remember you and your enthusiasm for engineering. Not sure how to tell your story? We can help you there too. Check out our "Telling your Engineering Story" webinar replay - or contact us for more advice.

My daughter/son/niece/nephew (etc.) wants to be an Engineer, what resources do you have for them?