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Skills Ontario and Engineers of Tomorrow are looking for EIR volunteers & classes (grade 5/6) for the Green Energy Classroom Experience.

The Green Energy Classroom Experience is designed to be an introduction to the Green Energy Challenge - hosted by Skills Ontario May 2022. The classroom experience is an in-class program for students in grades 5 & 6. Participants will use the engineering design process to discover & explore renewable energy through play-based learning and hands-on design.

Increases in electrical energy usage and an understanding of the importance of protecting the environment are creating new demands for clean, renewable energy sources like wind power.  The challenge is to plan, design, build and test a wind powered electricity generator (wind turbine) to harvest wind and generate electrical power right in the classroom. 

  • 4 students per team.
  • 1 teacher + EIR volunteer per classroom (acting as a supervisor only – not to contribute to the design process).  
  • Maximum 8 teams per session.  
  • Each student receives a certificate of participation.

Students will learn about renewable energy and apply that knowledge into designing, building and testing their wind turbine. 

Curriculum links: This project requires students to use research, problem-solving, planning, teamwork and communication skills. It also supports the grade 5 “Earth and Space Systems: conservation of energy & resources”, and grade 6 “Matter & Energy: electricity & electrical devices”. It also incorporates 21st century competencies and communication.

The Green Energy Classroom Experience can be completed in one 4 hour block (or divided between 2 days). It is divided into 2 parts: 

Part 1 - introduction to engineering & licensure (including a special guest presentation from Skills Ontario), greenhouse gases, global warming and renewable energy + planning, sketching and labeling parts of the wind turbine

Part 2 - building, testing, improving & retesting the wind turbines.

Program cost is minimal (basic consumable items) and all high-tech testing equipment will be provided by Skills Ontario. If you would like to participate, please fill out the registration form by February 4th, 2022. Space is limited.

For more information: Contact Rebecca White ([email protected])


Green Energy Classroom Experience Registration