Why EIR?

Why EIR? 2017-03-25T13:44:06+00:00

Why EIR?

Helping to Bridge the Gap

When our EIRs become part of the school community they help to bridge the gap that often exists between the real world and classroom theory. Seeing the practical applications of what they are taught, students gain a better understanding of why they are learning certain subjects.

Promoting Scientific & Technological Literacy

EIRs can support the teaching of STEM subjects in a number of exciting and engaging ways including presentations, lab demos, and hands-on activities; providing career counseling and forging links between the school and industry. The engineer serves as a positive role model, promoting scientific and technological literacy while motivating students to pursue education and careers in STEM areas.

A Special Relationship

Volunteer engineers in the EIR program are selected through a careful application process that emphasizes enthusiasm, communication abilities, and experience working with children. Engineers do not just drop into a school for a day – they spend the year getting to know the students and teachers through interactive, engaging visits.

Innovative Programming

Besides our core program, EIR offers a number of other programs that are designed to reach a wide range of students, and to meet the unique needs of our volunteer engineers and teachers.

Everyone Benefits

Students gain a new perspective on learning, teachers and schools gain access to additional resources, and volunteer engineers can enhance their training and communications skills while giving back to their community and adding balance to their lives. Participating companies make a valuable contribution to their communities, and over the long term, industry may enjoy a larger pool of skilled graduates to fulfill their recruitment needs.