Our Partners

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Our Partners

The EIR program has worked with a number of amazing groups, organizations, and other programs over the years. We are thankful for their help in spreading the joy of science, technology, engineering and mathematics to children across Ontario and beyond.

The EIR program began its partnership with the Learning Partnership’s “I-Cubed” (I3) program in 2012. Through I3, students invent or innovate a product to solve an everyday issue or problem in their lives. Their “invention” and invention process is showcased at school Invention Conventions and city wide Invention Conventions.

I3 and EIR have a similar goal; to inspire students in the area of STEM. Our partnership maximizes student benefit from both programs. As part of the I3 program, schools are encouraged to find expert guests/mentors for their participating students. The EIRs we match with I3 schools provide this guidance, while also addressing other school needs such as presenting hands-on, in-curricular activities and career talks. We are excited to be working with this amazing program!

Learn more about I3.