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Bridging Worlds: An Engineering Education Challenge
(The University Project)

In winter 2012, we piloted a new aspect of the Engineer-in-Residence Program. The EIR University Project, Bridging Worlds: An Engineering Education Challenge, is designed to foster the unique partnership between engineer and educator, a key strength of the EIR program, at an earlier stage in their respective careers.

Bridging Worlds partners pre-service teachers with undergraduates in the engineering faculty to develop hands-on learning activities related to the Ontario science and technology curriculum for children in either elementary or high school. Teams get to test these activities at a science centre, at a school, or as part of a Science Olympiad. All successful activities are incorporated into the EIR Program Guide.

The Bridging Worlds project gives engineering students a chance to enhance their communication skills to non-specialists, while managing a unique project from design to implementation. Some of them may even consider becoming EIRs when they graduate. It allows student teachers to gain an increased comfort level with STEM topics, as well as develop innovative ideas and activities for future use in the classroom. It also recognizes the value of inter-professional practice and education, a movement that is gaining popularity especially amongst health care educators and professionals. Working with students from other professions can broaden perspectives, and give students the chance to learn from one another.

Students completing an activity will receive participation certificates for their volunteer portfolios, and it will also go on their co-curricular transcripts.

If you are a university or college with an Education and Engineering Faculty and are interested in finding out more about this project, please contact us at