Meet the EIRs

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Meet the EIRs

We have an amazing and diverse group of engineers volunteering
with us here at the Engineer-in-Residence program.

Here is just a sampling!

Meet Harry Baker, a retired engineer who used to work for the NRC Construction Branch

Harry 2007_edited
“Honesty and integrity will always serve you well.”

Meet Shiva Bissoon, an Applications Engineer at SKF

Shiva Bissoon “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated – Confucius”

Meet Marwan Essa, a senior environmental consultant who also works at Martech Group

Marwan Essa“Being a geek is not bad … Geeks (Engineers and Scientists) rule the world! Hint: Bill Gates…”

Meet Christopher Davidson, a Surface Water Engineer at Golder Associates Ltd.

EIR website cartoon - engineer only

“Check the units, express complete thoughts”

Meet Carol Hulls, an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Waterloo

Carol Hulls

““Think. Build. Try. Fail. Rethink. Rebuild. Retry. Enjoy success”

Meet Louise Jack, a Senior Technical Engineer at Bruce Power

Louise Jack


Meet Don Kaluzny, an EIR for almost 10 years

Don Kaluzny

Meet Mohammad Sayed Khan, an Aerospace Engineer at Comdev Ltd

Sayed Khan

Meet Noorein Ladha, the Founder & CEO of OptimumARC Inc.

EIR website cartoon - engineer only

“Follow your passion in life and be kind to people”

Meet Jennifer Ladanchuk, an Engineering Manager at SNC-Lavalin

Jennifer Ladanchuk

Meet Tiffany Matuk, a former PhD Student in Management Sciences at the University of Waterloo

Tiffany Matuk

Meet Chris Reinfelds, a Process Engineer-in-Training at AMEC

Chris Reinfelds_BK

Meet David Reynolds, an Associate at Geosyntec Consultants

Dave Reynolds

“There is always a better way of doing things, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best way!”

Meet Benjamin Tang, an Engineer In Training at the Ontario Ministry of the Environment

Benjamin Tang

“It’s never waste, until you waste it!”

Meet Andrew Weltz, a Project Manager at Bermingham Foundation Solutions Limited

Andrew Weltz

Meet Robert E. (Bob) Young, a Retro-commissioning Engineer

Bob Young

“Solutions to problems are eighty-five percent people and fifteen percent technical”

Meet Zack White, a Structural EIT at Genivar

Zack White

“Dream Big, Work Hard, Have Fun”

Meet Babak Zarrabi, a Project Procurement Manager at Thales Canada, Transportation Solutions

Babak Zarrabi

“Engineers do not worry about the answer; they are only concerned with the question ‘what do you want’.”

Over 70% of our EIRs come from Industry, with others working for Government and Academia. A number of our EIRs are also self-employed or retired. Curious to find out the where our EIRs come from?

Download a list of EIR companies

EIR is in almost 40 communities across Ontario. Curious to know if your community is one of them?

Check out a map of EIR school locations across Ontario